This issue's "Fire on Board" will feature two games, both analyzed by two Caribbean stars. FM Warren Elliott is a rising star out of Montego Bay, Jamaica while IM Kevin Denny is the crafty veteran from Barbados. Both were determined in their respective goals of earning international titles and it just so happened that they both earned their most recent titles at the recent Subzonal tournament in Venezuela. Both games were annotated by the winners.

The first was played at the recent Jamaican Championship where FM Warren Elliott successfully defended his title with an impressive 9-0 score. His last game was a win over Jamaica's long-time #1 player, Shane "The Magician" Matthews. Both players have a liking for theoretical battles and this game was no different.

See Warren Elliott - Shane Matthews
FM Warren Elliott, 2-time Defending Champion

The second game was a historic battle between two players from Barbados. Both Kevin Denny and Philip Corbin have been rivals for a number of years. In this game, both players needed a win to win the long sought after IM title. This game started  when the tricky Corbin played the St. George's Defense with 1.e4 e6 2.d4 a6!? and an interesting battle would ensue. Check it out!

See Kevin Denny - Philip Corbin
IM Kevin Denny

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