When we talk about dazzling tacticians in the African Diaspora, we often hear about IM Emory Tate (USA) and FM Philip Corbin (Barbados). However, one of the most gifted tacticians has to be National Master Marvin Dandridge of Chicago, USA. Dandridge's strengths lie in creating chaos with unorthodox ideas and out-calculating his opponents.

In this game, he simply outplayed his opponent and was able to build up an optimal attacking position. He then uncorks a textbook double knight sacrifice to thoroughly crush his strong opponent. Dandridge has been known for these attacks and is sometimes kidded for his "coffee-house" tactics, but this game was certainly instructive.

It appears that the young Russian was complacent and basically moved the pieces around. Before he knew it white had developed a menacing position with pieces aimed at his king. The ending was brutal. (comments)

NM Marvin Dandridge

NM Marvin Dandridge

Marvin Dandridge-Boris Kreiman

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