Ian Wilkinson has served as the cornerstone for growth in Jamaica. Serving his second term as Federation President, he exudes passion for chess and has helped to put Jamaica on the map with his groundbreaking book, "Magnificence in Bled: The 35th Chess Olympiad." The book won rave reviews and has set a new standard for book written on the Olympiad experience.

The Jamaican Chess Federation has launched a new chess league this year and it is rejuvenated the spirit of the players island-wide and if nothing else, has created stronger camaraderie. It also provides a chance for each player to play a wide variety of competition.

Wilkinson is also playing in the league for a team called the "King Rippers" and faced Jamaican legend
Shane "The Magician" Matthews who plays for  the veteran "Gladiators." This battle produced a speculative sacrifice, but this time it would be the underdog working the magic. Wilkinson may earn the nickname "The Stopper" after this performance.

Ian Wilkinson - Shane Matthews
Ian Wilkinson

Ian Wilkinson

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