Charles Covington is one of the Black chess legends you don't hear much about. Perhaps it is because despite being a Master a chess, he is more known in music circles and as an accomplished magician! A Maryland native, Covington has written one autobiographical book and is currently putting final touches on a revision… a mammoth work of almost 400 pages.

In this book, he features photos and games of chess legends such as
Walter Harris, Frank Street, Ken Clayton and even his offhand game with "Dizzy" Gillespie. On the cover of this revised version is a chess position. This position resembles a "mate in X" problem, but is an actual position that occurred in the featured game against Floyd Boudreaux.

In this game, the two enter a classic Sicilian battle where strategic errors usually end up sealing the fate of one side. In this game, black made a strategic error which allowed Covington to get an overwhelming attack. Boudreaux missed chances to counter and his position went up in flames. Annotations are by Covington with supplemental comments by
Daaim Shabazz.

Charles Covington - Floyd Boudreaux
Charles Covington giving a simul in 70s. Copyright ©, Charles Covington.

Charles Covington
playing a simul at
Baltimore City Fair in 1983

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