Stanley Chumfwa may be one of the hottest players in Africa at this moment. In 2002, the 25-year old Zambian national has been on a rampage winning two COMESA Open Championships and the Zimbabwe Open. He recently competed in the Golden Cleopatra Open in Egypt, scoring a respectable 6-4. In this tournament, he catches one of Africa's finest off guard and launches a powerful attack. IM Watu Kobese was unable to ward off the pending onslaught. NM Chumfwa is one of the many brightest spots for the future of Zambian chess which has received a boost from the success of IM Amon Simutowe and the dedication of Zambian Chess Federation President, Lewis Ncube. Enjoy this one!

See Stanley Chumfwa - Watu Kobese
NM Stanley Chumfwa

NM Stanley Chumfwa

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