It's been three years since an Emory Tate game has been featured here and perhaps this game will make up for it. Most may know about Tate's swashbuckling games and may have seen a few of them. What you may have discovered is that it is difficult to predict his moves which are bursting with creativity and ambition.

In this 1988 encounter, Tate plays the Velimorovic Attack against
GM Dmitry Gurevich and throws in a couple of theoretical novelties. The Russian émigré was faced with an attack of incredible force and fought fiercely to survive Tate's onslaught. In the end, Tate would not let go of his prey and scored an exciting victory.

See Emory Tate - Dmitry Gurevich
FM Emory Tate. Copyright © 2001, Daaim Shabazz.

Emory Tate
(Photo by Daaim Shabazz)

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