This game features one of the strongest Chicago area players of all-time, against one of the most celebrated American Grandmasters of all-time. FM Morris Giles, a quiet, unassuming player from Chicago, sat down to play GM Walter Browne, a six-time U.S. Open Champion. At this point in the tournament, Giles had 8-2 and had lost only to GM Joel Benjamin. He ended the tournament with draws to GM Lev Alburt and GM Andy Soltis, ending at 9-3! This game was printed in U.S. Chess Life magazine and became the center of discussion for awhile. One could only guess what was going through GM Browne's head as he found himself on the thorny side of his beloved Najdorf Sicilian.

See Morris Giles-Walter Browne
FM Morris Giles

FM Morris Giles

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