IM Emory Tate has been gracing these "Fire on Board" pages since the inception of the website. His games are always full of rich ideas and creativity. Perhaps in his later years, he is experimenting more than usual with his openings. Years ago, he would simply play 1.e4, get an attack and checkmate his opponent. However, he has begun to widen his repertoire and gain a universal style.

In this game, he faces the Dutch
GM Sipke Ernst and plays a positional gem. Despite his reputation as a slashing serial butcher on the chessboard, Tate often shows a deep understanding of positional nuances. Famous for his post-game analyses, he shows that one cannot merely throw pieces at a king and win. This game is very instructive and provides many practical lessons.

Emory Tate earned his 3rd IM norm at the 2006 World Open.

FM Emory Tate

GM Sipke Ernst- IM Emory Tate

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