The Caribbean takes on GM Nigel Short

On Nigel Short's Caribbean tour, he played simultaneous exhibitions in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad respectively. His first stop in the Caribbean was the "land of wood and water" where he faced 33 hungry Jamaicans. At the end of the day, he scored 28 wins, but was nicked for five draws including this one with the Jamaican Federation President, Ian Wilkinson.

Nigel Short - Ian Wilkinson
Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica

GM Short headed eastward to meet the "Bajans" and ran up against FM Philip Corbin who is known as the "Caribbean Tal." This name is given by his swashbuckling sacrificial style. In the following game, he takes it to the former World Championship contender in an exciting encounter. Corbin was the only one to find a chink in the armour of Short who scored 27 wins 3 draws and the loss to Corbin.

Nigel Short - Philip Corbin
Barbados Barbados Barbados

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