Not many players have heard of FM Pontus Carlsson, but soon they will come to know this fine talent. Born in Columbia, South America, but raised in Sweden, this 21-year old student has been representing his country in junior tournaments for more than a decade and has enjoyed success in the tournament and club level. He is a member of the Sollentuna Club, the defending European Cup Champions.

Known as an expert in rapid time controls, Carlsson is a two-time champion of Tusenmannaschacket, the world's largest rapid chess tournament. One won the right to play in a television rapid match with Swedish Champ,
GM Evgeny Agrest. One trademark of Carlsson is his exciting style as he employs complex of which is the Sicilian Dragon. The following game reveals his understanding of subtle nuances of this dangerous system. He takes on the then 13-year old star from India, G.N. Gopal. Get ready for a ride!

See G.N. Gopal - Pontus Carlsson
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FM Pontus Carlsson

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