Chess Crackers
September/October 2006

The following represent a variety of positions from talented Black players. In the following diagrams, you're challenged to find the winning line. Each position ends with decisive material gain or mate. Solve each of the four problems (as deep as possible) and check your answers by scrolling below. No peeking!!

No. 2

No. 1

Kayin Barclay-Nathan Saint
White to Move (after 21f6-f5)

Leroy Jackson-GM Walter Browne
Black to Move (after 38Ke7-d7 )

No. 3

No. 4

Patrick Lacey-IM-elect Emory Tate
Black to Move (after 22.e3-e4)

IM Michael Schleifer-Hugues Mass
White to Move (after 40Bf8-e7)


No. 1 Barclay-Saint (2006 Denker Tournament of Champions - Oakbrook, Illinois, USA)
Kayin Barclay has been a rising scholastic player for some time and this past summer he represented the state of Illinois in the Denker H.S. Tournament of Championship. It was the second year in a row for the 15-year old Chicago native and he scored 4-2 in his return. In this game, he dispatches of Saint in a wild opening where he sacrifices a b-pawn for a lead in development. In the diagrammed position, his pieces are swirling around the board and he finishes nicely with 22.Nxf5! After 22gxf5 23.Bh5+ Bf8 24.Qc3! black's position crumbles and he ends up getting mated. The game ended 24 Ng7  25. Bxe7+ Rxe7 26. Qf6+ Kg8 27. Rxe7 Nxh5 28. Qf7+. (See game; Kayin Barclay)

No. 2  Jackson-Browne (1966  U.S. Open -  Seattle, Washington, USA)
Leroy Jackson (now surname Muhammad) was a talented young star from St. Louis and was a junior when he played this game.  Jackson had hit the Grandmaster with a nice tactical shot and obtained a favorable ending. White got a decisive advantage with 39.a5! On 39Nc8 he continued with 40.Bc2! threatening both the h-pawn and 41.Bf5+ and 42.Bxc8 with a won ending. Browne had to give up the pawn and played a few more moves before resigning the lost ending. (See game)

No. 3  Lacey-Tate (2006 U.S. Open -  Oakbrook, Illinois, USA)
Chalk up another swashbuckling win for the "tactical maestro." Tate gradually builds up a position with an improbable pawn storm and then sends whites position into ruin with 22Nxg3! After 23.Qxg3 exf4 24. Rxf4 (24.Qxf4 Bxb2 25.exf5 Be5! with an overwhelming attack) 24Bxb2 25. exf5 Be5 winning the exchange. Tate finished the game in crisp style. (See game; IM-elect Emory Tate)

No. 4  Schleifer-Mass (2006 Canadian Closed Championship)
Schleifer has been on the Canadian scene for a number of years. Of Jamaican ancestry, the Qubec resident has appeared in a number of Championships. In his latest appearance, he played an impressive game ending in a mating attack. In the given position, white's pieces assail the black king and the end occurred beautifully after 41. Nf5+! Kh8 42. Qe8+ Nf8 43. Bf6+! (Taking the knight gives black a zillion checks!) 43Kg8 (43Bxf6 44.Qxf8+ Qg8 45.Qxf6+ Qg7 46.Qxg7#) 44. Nh6#.   (See game; IM Michael Schleifer)

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