Photo Gallery
The 2004 World Open (Philadelphia)

Following are thumbnails from the 2004 World Open. Click on thumbnails to see larger image. All photographs are the property of Daaim Shabazz. Please request the use of the pictures. Enjoy!

Xiao Cheng vs.
Stephen Muhammad

1st round
(5-day schedule)


Top Boards
Dean Blackburne, Demi Mathews, Kashka Jackson (glasses) Adrian Bennett, Geoffrey Byfield (coach), Tarique Walters (in front), Kevin Lyle (behind), Nicholas Mathews (chaperone)

Angelo Young vs.
Oladapo Adu

William Morrison checks on Emory Tate's game.


Negash Bezaleel

Blitz Battle!
Colding vs. Muhammad

Skittles Room


Fabiano Caruana vs.
Kimani Stancil

GM Vitali Golod vs. Muhammad

Dr. Kimani Stancil

GM Abhijit Kunte (India) vs.
GM Julio Becerra

Medina Parrilla

Hikaru Nakamura

Everest Tucker

Daaim Shabazz and
"Black Knight"

Negash Bezaleel and
Ervin "Maliq" Matthew

"Black Knight" and
FM Emory Tate

Last-round pairings
are up!!

Dr. Daaim Shabazz

Blitz Battle!
"Dragon" vs. Elvin Wilson

Crowd watching

Tension is high!

Time is low!


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