Photo Gallery
The 2002 World Open (Philadelphia)

Following are thumbnails from the historic 2002 World Open. Click on thumbnails to see at full scale. All photographs are the property of Daaim Shabazz. Please request the use of the pictures. Enjoy!

Jonathan Corbblah & Glenn Bady blitzing


Maurice Ashley &
Daaim Shabazz

FM Emory Tate
showing Tate-Burnett

Euca Solomon

GM Maurice Ashley

The Jamaicans

FM Stephen

Peter Moss (Syracuse shirt) accusing Aleksander Vayserberg  (striped shirt) of cheating.

Dr. Kimani Stancil, Dr. David Allen,
Dr. Daaim Shabazz

Nathaniel Lynch

WIM Elizabeth Paehtz &
FM Emory Tate blitzing

Bernard Parham, Jr. &
Peter Roberts

Sylvester Smarty

Vaughn Bennett

Jerry Bibuld discussing norm possibilities with FM Muhammad

GM Maurice Ashley & IM Oladapo Adu

The Nigerians


Leonard Dickerson

Members of
Master Minds (PA)

future of chess for
the African Diaspora

The dapper GM Maurice Ashley

Blitz Tournament

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