Donald Byrne - Penn State Masters
Day Six

Round Seven

There were two games played in advance: Chiong-Adu and Rogers-Belorusov. These two games were scheduled for round 7, but the players involved needed to adjust their playing schedules for personal reasons.


Chiong-Adu, 1-0. This game featured an unusual Benoni position with IM Adu mounting a quick attack with the queen sally 12… Qh4. The problem with this idea was that black surrendered the two bishops and white plowed into his queenside with a skillful minority pawn attack. Black was in full retreat and his position became restricted resulting into a loss of material. An exchange to the good, IM Chiong executed superb technique to break Adu's blockaded fortress and attacked overloaded pieces. Adu resigned in lieu of the pending 56.Rxg6.

Rogers-Belorusov, ½-½. This encounter broke out of the gate in exciting fashion with a speculative line in the French.  "Pete" Rogers, a creative and tenacious player, sacked a pawn for swift development and active piece play. A tense middle game ensued,  but Pete lost another pawn after a series of exchanges.  The game ended in an 80-move draw in which both players shuffled pieces for 40 moves in an opposite-colored bishop ending.

Kriventsov-Charbonneau, ½-½.
As expected, FM Pascal Charbonneau clinched his 3rd and final IM norm with a quick draw with Kriventsov. Canada will have it's newest IM when his titled is conferred at the next FIDE General Assembly. The draw meant that IM Luis Chiong captured clear 1st as only Kriventsov could have matched his 7-2 score.

Simpson-Schneider, 0-1.
Ron Simpson is a dangerous player, but if there is one chink in his armor it has to be his opening repertoire. In his game against the tournament's youngest player, he played an innocuous opening (with the white pieces) and was punished severely as Schneider just ran roughshod into his position. Simpson castled into a dangerous attack and lost a piece while attempting to dodge the bullets whizzing into his king's position.

Muhammad-Formanek ½-½. This was an interesting match. Muhammad played the Queen's Gambit and got a good position out of the opening. Black's king was stuck in the center as white pieces staked out aggressive positions. Muhammad then rattled off 21.Nxa7!? hoping to use his menacing rooks with good effect… it was only an illusion and after 25… Nc6, the game was level.

Chiong, 7; Rogers, Kriventsov, 6½; Charbonneau, 6; Formanek, 4; Adu, Belorusov, ; Muhammad, Schneider, 2½; Simpson, 2.

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