Malaku Lorne

Matthews vs. Wheeler

Richards vs. Scott

Richards vs. Scott
Dean Blackburne, Demi Mathews, Kashka Jackson (glasses) Adrian Bennett, Geoffrey Byfield (coach), Tarique Walters (in front), Kevin Lyle (behind), Nicholas Mathews (chaperone)

Scott vs. Richards (front)
Holness vs. Lorne (back)

Focus Warren… focus!
Camille Casserly (right)

Markland Douglas (left) with Otto Williamson.

Matthews vs. Wheeler

Markland Douglas, Arbiter

Intensity is thick!

Malaku Lorne
eases his mind…

…while Holness is
in deep thought.

Rowe vs. Elliott (front)
Wheeler vs. Matthews (back)

Scoresheet of Matthews-Wheeler (½-½)

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