Generation Chess International Tournament
(23 April - 2 May)

The Rise of the "Chess Gladiator"

On Wednesday, April 23rd, a revolutionary idea was launched. This idea emanated from an intriguing essay that GM Maurice Ashley wrote titled, "The End of the Draw Offer" in which he opined that the "Grandmaster Draw" was causing potential damage to the spirit of the game. This usually occurs when two players decide (due to friendships or other factors) that a quick draw is an acceptable result. Leading by example, Ashley has spearheaded the organization of the first tournament under the auspices of Generation Chess. Ashley's initiative has the potential to be as impactful as GM Yasser Seirawan's "Fresh Start" essay. Both Ashley and Seirawan are good friends so it is likely that they have discussed these issues. This tournament will feature an interesting mixture of players with diverse styles and promises to fulfill its mission of offering exciting chess.


Fight until the end!

"Here at Generation Chess, we believe that fans want to see top players play fighting chess. To this end, we have organized a tournament unlike any other in the world: an event where no player is allowed to prematurely stop the game by offering a draw before move 50. Instead of seeing boring 11 move "GM draws," fans will be treated to games fought to the bitter end by players with a reputation for playing risky, cut-throat chess. While the idea isn't new, its time has come. The entire world of chess will be closely following this event. Our vision for the future of chess as a true spectator sport begins right here."