2001 FIDE World Championships
Round One

The chess world was stunned when an Internet qualifier, IM Olivier Touzane (2368), rocked defending FIDE Champion, Viswanathan Anand (2797). Anand then composed himself and conveniently dispatched the French IM.  Other strong players received an awakening. The second day saw South African IM Watu Kobese (2396) topple the Hungarian super-GM, Peter Leko (2739) sending a stir through the chess world.  Although Leko would win the tiebreak, Kobese demonstrated his toughness at the highest levels of chess and made Africa shine. Another African representative, IM Fouad el-Taher (2481) of Egypt beat Kiril Georgiev of Bulgaria (2686) yesterday, but then bowed out in the tiebreak. Zambia's  IM Amon Simutowe (2428) played with much energy and appeared to be slightly better in his first game against Ilya Smirin (2698). While the result is clear, it is not certain whether he lost on time, or resigned in an unclear position. Smirin won the second encounter rather handily. 

To the surprise of the chess world, both
Anatoly Karpov and Nigel Short have made an early exit from the tournament! World Championships inevitably carry an amount of controversy, and this event is no different.  Estonia's Jaan Ehlvest (2627) and Azerbaijan's Teimour Radjabov (2567)  had played a total of four draws when the dispute occurred.  In the first game of the third set, the 14-year old sensation was up a piece against Ehlvest when his flag fell. It was discovered that the required 30-second time delay was not set by the arbiter. When told to replay the 5th game, both sides refused. So they were told to play game six before a decision on game five was decided! That game was also drawn. The issue was settled after it was determined that Radjabov was required to complain before move 3! Radjabov filed an appeal and lost. So the game in dispute was never completed and GM Ehlvest advanced. In another surprise, three of the eight Internet qualifiers have advanced despite widespread accusations of cheating during the qualifying events.

Results (all rounds)

Selected Games

Anand-Touzane (game 1), 0-1
Kobese-Leko (game 2), 1-0
El-Taher-Georgiev (game 1), 1-0
Smirin-Simutowe (game 1), 1-0
Ehlvest-Radjabov (tiebreak), 1-0

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