Site Name: The Chess Drum,
Birthday: 12 February 2001
Home Base: USA
Purpose: (1) to highlight the chess activities within the African Diaspora (2) to serve as a vehicle for fostering a greater sense of community within the chess world (3) to facilitate the sharing of ideas and knowledge and (4) to demonstrate the true universality of chess.
Reason Created: lack of coverage on Black players in the chess media
Video Tours:
7th Anniversary, 8th Anniversary, 9th Anniversary, General Tour
Creator: Dr. Daaim Shabazz (Da-eem Sha-boz) from Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Career: University Professor (Global Business)
Learned Chess... from an encyclopedia after seeing two boys in the neighborhood playing at night under a lamp.
Skill Level: Candidate Master (2000-2199 USCF)

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Current Size: more than forty-thousand (40,000+) indexed pages
Viewership: 200+ countries and territories
Media Exposure: Europe Échecs (France), Radio France International, Black & White (India), Kenyan Chess Magazine, U.S. Chess Life, Trinidad Guardian, Washington Post (USA), Neues Deutschland (Germany), (Germany), New York Times
Sponsorship: None
Staff: One person
Proudest moment:
Serving as webmaster at the historic Wilbert Paige Memorial in Harlem, New York.
Most gratifying project: The Chess Drum's "Wall of Fame" (50 hours straight)
Nicest gesture: A chess cake presented to me by Kay Umeakunne.
Most satisfying reward: The volumes of supportive mail and contributions from around the world. Let's me know all the hours are not in vain.

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