Today marks the 6th year of existence for The Chess Drum! A lot has happened in the past year and hopefully the ensuing years will bring more exciting chess news and perhaps more activity.

In this past year, we have seen a number of accomplishments within the worldwide Black community which increasingly shows the universality of chess. Players from far and wide come to visit The Chess Drum because it provides the visitor with a unique perspective.

However, if The Chess Drum is to continue growing and prospering, it will take the input and support of  those in the Diaspora around the world and those who are genuinely interested in such issues. The site has grown to the tune of about 1000 pages annually and the readership has blossomed from the early days of 100 visitors a day to now nearly 200,000 visitors a month.

In the coming months, the site will undergo a few changes which will include better organization, increased audio/visual content and other means of increasing interactivity (e.g., blog, discussion board). This element is sorely lacking and hopefully The Chess Drum will become a more functional site in this regard. The site hopes to evolve into an all-purpose site for the advancement of international chess activity.

The Chess Drum,

Happy Birthday to The Chess Drum!

Thanks to all of contributions (both financial and material) and to those who have sent news items of worth. Thanks to all the visitors for your enthusiasm and words of support either through e-mail, phone conversations and through informal meetings at tournaments.  To the entire African Disapora… thanks to all… for if not for your fortitude and dedication to chess, this site would not exist. The recent compilation called "The Wall of Fame" is a testament to the greatness of our chess history.


Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum

Posted by The Chess Drum:  12 February 2007