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The South African Open has traditionally been a well-attended affair drawing players from neighboring countries. IM Kenny Solomon has won the South African Open eclipsing IM Watu Kobese by a mere half-point. Kobese won his first five games and then drew three games in a row. Meanwhile Solomon had begun a second four-game winning streak and broke into the lead after eight rounds. Solomon matched Kobese results in the last three rounds to win his fourth Openů the last was in 2005. Their single encounter was strange, ending with Kobese flag hanging, but a queen up. Kobese forced a draw before forfeiting. (see game)

IM Kenny Solomon
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Kobese played enterprising chess and did not drop a game. The game that created the most discussion was his game against Mark Levitt, creator of new website, The game had dazzling complications with pieces whizzing about the board.  When the smoke cleared Kobese had netted the exchange and a winning ending. (see game) Both Solomon and Kobese  are playing in the 9th All-African Games from July 12-21st and hope to bring home a medal. (Standings, Crosstable, Games)

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Posted by The Chess Drum:  15 July 2007