Philly beats Baltimore in grudge match!

2007 Match… Baltimore vs. Philadelphia

The east coast may very well be the Black Mecca for chess in the U.S., but which city can lay claim to bragging rights? New York City? Philadelphia? Baltimore? What about the players in Buffalo, New York who have been trash-talking lately… could they be the "King of the Tables"? Well… Philly hosted a tri-state match between New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. New York was unable to make the trip, so it would be a Baltimore-Philly rematch from last year. Baltimore won and Philly would be looking to avenge the loss.

Malik Rogers would serve as host of the chess tournament and would proceed to lay out a spread of barbeque, salads and cold drinks for all. William "the Exterminator" Morrison quipped that Philadelphia invited pretty women to the event to distract them! He also added that said the match had an atmosphere of a cookout. Perhaps it sounded like Baltimore was being fattened up for the kill.

Just as the script was planned, Baltimore fell behind 6-1 on the strength of
Norman "Pete" Rogers win over Morrison and Glenn Bady's win over Oladapo Adu.  Of course this can be a moral breaker for the rest of the players, but Baltimore surged back and closed the gap.  However, Philly held on for a 10½-7½ victory. No board results or game scores as of yet, but above photos were sent by Michael Williams.

Exterminator told The Chess Drum that there are plans to include more cities and hopefully others will want to get involved. Are you listening Chicago? Detroit? Cleveland?

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 31 August 2007