BeSomeone's Hudson on "Good Morning America"

ATLANTA, Orrin "Checkmate" Hudson added another check to his list of life's goals last week. The founder of Be Someone, Inc., which teaches chess and positive life skills to kids at risk, was a featured guest on the ABC News Good Morning American Weekend Edition with anchors Bill Weir and Kate Snow. Hudson developed and teaches a fast-paced chess program peppered with positive one-liners that use chess as a metaphor for living life. "The opportunity to share the Be Someone message at the filming of Good Morning America in New York was the best day of my life! I am living my dream." said Hudson. His message to at-risk youth and students across America is "Heads up, Pants Up, Grades up! Prevention is better than detention. Think it out, don't shoot it out. Push pawns instead of drugs."

Orrin Hudson on the cover of Chess Life for Kids, December 2007.

Orrin is featured on the cover of December 2007 issue of
Chess Life for Kids.

When Weir and Snow spoke at a recent Atlanta Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon, Hudson was inspired to bid higher and win the auctioned trip to New York and backstage tour of the show. Though he hoped to share the messages of his popular Be Someone program, Hudson's invitation to guest on the show was a last-minute surprise. Very little surprises Hudson, who demonstrates to his students the importance always being prepared to seize opportunities and taking responsibility for living a good life.

When asked the scope of his seven years of community service through Be Someone, Hudson stated more than 20,000 kids in 15 states have been successfully taught chess and life skills. His goal is to reach 1,000,000 students across America by the end of 2012. Through chess clinics, Be Someone teaches and challenges students in simultaneous chess matches. Although a nationally recognized speaker and trainer, Hudson humbly acknowledges, "I am still learning. Once you know it all, you are no longer teachable school is never out for the pro. That's why Be Someone stress education and continued learning to our students."

Be Someone, Inc, is a crime prevention and educational program that helps children develop tools for life mastery through the game of chess. This ground-breaking program received national attention when Hudson's students beat the odds and won statewide chess championship and 3 straight city-wide chess championships. "It's all about our future,20% of the world population is our youth and 100% of our future is our youth without proactive organizations and community support everyone loses."

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Orrin Hudson, Achievement Strategy Expert
Helping others win at the game of life though chess.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 1 December 2007