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Kunle Elegbede has just announced a historic match to take place between two Nigerian sons… Nigerian Champion Chikwere Onyekwere and IM Oladapo Adu. The two will play an 6-game match in Houston, USA on January 11-14, 2007. The Chess Drum will post a report soon. Additional details can be found at the Nigerian Chess Blog or contact Mr. Elegbede at

Hold on to your hats! Chess players and fans alike will descend upon Houston, Texas to witnes a historic match between Nigerian National Champion, Chikwere Onyekwere and Nigerian International Master Oladapo Adu. The long-awaited match will be held in Houston, Texas, USA which has perhaps the largest concentration of Nigerians outside of Nigeria. The match was conceived late last year and will also feature a side tournament for those attending the match. Kunle Elegbede, a tireless promoter for Nigeria chess, is the mastermind of the event and promises a memorable event. Nigerians will be traveling far and wide to participating in the festival and chess fans will have a chance to follow the match. The Chess Drum plans to provide coverage of the event.

Match Schedule

Time Table: March 29 - April 1, 2007

1ST GAME : Thursday: 6PM
2ND GAME: Friday morning: 9AM
3RD GAME :Friday night: 4 PM
4TH GAME : Saturday morning: 9AM
5TH GAME : Saturday morning: 4 PM
6TH GAME : Sunday morning : 6AM : EARLY BIRD SCHEDULE (Both players agreed to this to allow them time to catch their flight back to their state.)

Tournament Schedule

March 30-April 1 or March 31-April 1, Texas Grand Prix Points: 10
1st Houston Naija Chess Tournament 5SS, 40/2, SD/1 (2-day option, rd. 1 G/60), Windsor Hotel (Crown Plaza Hotel), 9090 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX. $$ (4,000 b/100, 50% G). 2 Sections: Over 2000, EF: $40 if rec'd by 3/23, $50 at site. $$ 650-$450-$250. Under 2000, EF: $35 if rec'd by 3/23, $50 at site. $$ 350-$200-$100. Both, 3-day reg. ends 3/30 7 pm, rds. 3/30 7:30, 3/31 1-7:30, 4/1 9-3:30. 2-day reg. ends 3/31 9:30 am, rds. 10-1-7:30, 4/1 9-3:30. Thursday, 3/29-Sunday, 4/1: 6-game match between IM Oladapo Adu and Chikwere Onyekwere, HR: $55, 1-2, single or double, mention "Chess Challenge Match." Info: Kay or (832) 665-9786. Ent: where to mail entries.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 28 March 2007