HHCF readies for 1st Kings Invitational

Hip-Hop Chess Federation co-founders Adisa Banjoko and Leo Libiran are gearing up for the 1st Chess Kings Invitational  this weekend. The winner will take home the HHCF championship belt. The concept seems to come from mixed martial arts competition, but HHCF Banjoko says, "a good friend of mine told me that chess is a mental martial art."

GZA will square off with other contestants and DJ Q-Bert will play a 1-minute bullet match with a rising junior from the United Kingdom. There will be free software and a panel discussion on hip-hop, martial arts and life strategies. In an appearance on CBS affiliate KPIX, Banjoko stated, "I'm not trying to change minds, I'm trying to show the true essence."  He describes the event is attempts to show youth options in life and turn bad positions (in life) into good positions. The Chess Drum will be there! (see schedule)

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 9 October 2007

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