Hip-Hop Chess in the News!!
“Hip-Hop Chess” is a novel concept. The Hip-Hop Chess Federation hosted the 1st Kings Invitational and it was a smashing success!! Photos by Daaim Shabazz, André Chung and Eric Arnold.

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation  has shone in the spotlight for the last couple of weeks after its wildly successful "1st All-Kings Invitational" chess tournament. The event featured some of hip-hop's biggest stars, a number of martial artists and  chess organizations. It was held at the classic Galleria in San Francisco and attracted about 500 guests. Several media organizations were on hand to cover the event including the local news and national networks such as Black Entertainment Network( BET).

The aftermath has been just as busy for
Adisa Banjoko who is anticipating an even bigger turnout for his 1st All-Queens Invitational on February 13th. He told The Chess Drum that he is looking to get 700 guests for this event and certainly more media exposure. Any event theme combining, chess, hip-hop and women will certainly creative a media bonanza. Both Banjoko and co-founder Leo Libiran will have to be ready for the storm.

(October 13, 2007)


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Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 October 2007

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