Tate's IM title finally official!

Any chess player on the planet who has followed Emory Tate for the past 15 years will know that he has been IM strength for at least for that length of time. FIDE finally approved his title at the 1st quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting, 27-28 January 2007 in Antalya, Turkey. Tate earned his last IM norm at the 2006 World Open and vaulted over the required 2400 rating mark, but his title ratification was delayed for administration reasons.

This development may mean more invitations and perhaps more appearances for the aspiring GM. Players in many quarters talk about Tate's impact as a player and certainly he needs management assistance to help market his prodigious talent. Tate granted a rare interview to  The Chess Drum after earning his 3rd norm and stated he intends to make a push for the coveted GM title.

Official Announcement

The Chess Drum, "Tate gets 3rd IM Norm!" 5 July 2006.

Interview with IM Emory Tate (8:17) 4 July 2006.

Emory Tate ponders move at Maurice Ashley’s HB Global Chess Challenge in 2006. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

IM Emory Tate

Posted by The Chess Drum:  9 February 2007