EAGLE Chess tourney ends in a flourish!

September 20, 2007
Press Release #2 of 2007

Speed Chess Decides Winner of
Five-Way Tie
Ted Fagan (center) congratulates the winners: (L-R) Sharif Usenov, Charles Yang and Talisa Jackson.

Ted Fagan (center) congratulates the winners: (L-R) Sharif Usenov, Charles Yang and Talisa Jackson.

Although EAGLE Chess Academy's second tournament wasn't as heavily attended as the first, it still proved to be as exciting as ever.  On Saturday, September 8, 2007 the fourth and final round ended in a 5-way tie.  However, a few rounds of speed chess quickly determined the tournament winners.  Many young chess players were in attendance and two proved to be great contenders.
EAGLE Chess Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which hosts non-USCF chess tournaments on a monthly basis.  The tournaments are opened to adults and children of all ages.
The tournament was held at
D' Light Skate N Palace, 3132 Branch Ave in Temple Hills, MD.  The All-You-Can-Eat buffet, catered by Monteik's Catering and Event Planning, was enjoyed by all.

1st Place:
Sharif Usenov (15 yrs) with a $300 Award
2nd Place:
Talisa Jackson with a $200 Award
3rd Place:
Charles Yang (12 yrs) with a $100 Award

Additionally, the
five winners of a free entry into the next tournament listed alphabetically are Ronald Best (9 yrs), Derrick Carter, James Fabunmi, Gabriel Vilarrubi (15 yrs), and Anthony Walker.
Chess instructor, Ted Fagan, founded
EAGLE Chess Academy to provide scholastically based chess learning programs in a supportive, relaxed environment for young chess players. Check out a Prince George's County library for a chess program near you.

Mark your calendar for the
next tournament to be held on Saturday, October 13th so you too can Enjoy A Great Learning Experience.
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EAGLE Chess Academy

Posted by The Chess Drum: 21 September 2007