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Hello all,

Finally we did it! Despite huge problems of sponsoring, we managed to organise a tournament (7 rounds, Swiss System). My final rank is 2nd out of 24 players. Competition was quite tough, which indicates there are several Cameroonian players able to play at a strength above 2000 ELO in traditional games (not rapid play).

It's a pity our Kenyan friends weren't able to come due to the fact
that KCB didn't agree on sponsoring their trip.

Lekan Adeyemi headed a delegation of seven (7) young Nigerian players that we met in a short tournament yesterday. Our match ended in a draw, seven points for each team (two rounds, swapping colors). Many thanks to them, as they had an awful journey to come (some 70 hours to go from Lagos to Yaoundé by extra-muddy roads). They're currently on their way back to Lagos.

Please find as attachment the
complete crosstable for the tournament. Thanks very much to all of you for your efforts. We'll publish pictures ASAP on our website:

All the best,

Jean-Baka Domelevo-Entfellner

Posted by The Chess Drum: 2 August 2007