Eugene Brown to make documentary on Black Chess

According to an ABC affiliate outlet, Eugene Brown of the Big Chair Chess Club in Washington, DC is making a documentary on the Black chess scene in the area.  In 2002, Brown made an announcement that  a new Big Chair Chess Club would come to the DC area. In 2003, he held a membership drive. In 2004, Brown was quoted in a news article as saying that schools should make chess a mandatory class. Currently, he is putting together a chess documentary covering the DC/Maryland area. The news brief made an indirect mention of The Chess Drum its story on DC chess.

Read, "Black Chess, with Rich Tradition, Still Thriving," ABC News 7, 11 March 2007.

Read a more detailed account, "Black Chess Masters play 'Game of Life',"
The Monterey Herald, 11 March 2007.

Posted by The Chess Drum:  12 March 2007