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Jacqueline Hope, "Chess players badly in need of sponsorship," Barbados Nation News, 15 March 2007  (Bridgetown, Barbados).

I AM a concerned parent with a child who has represented Barbados in chess on several occasions. People are constantly speaking about our youth but only the ones who do wrong are highlighted.

I have several issues, the major one being finance. My son has been on several tours, and most of the time 80 per cent of the finances was borne by me.

There is very little sponsorship available if you are not playing cricket or football or taking part in athletics. I think everyone should be given a fair chance at what they do.

Companies are constantly crying out about the amount of letters they receive for sponsorship and donations. We are all aware that there are several needy people out there and also a lot of organisations, but the companies need to decide how much they are continuing to support one particular cause.

My other problem is that when you ask the Press to turn up for events for chess, they either get there late or not at all. The chess team returned to Barbados on January 6 at 10 p.m. and we requested Press coverage, but no one turned up.

Could you imagine that nine young players, the oldest being 16, returned with 24 trophies and no one other than their parents was there to greet them and give praise?

If these players were returning in handcuffs or with some tarnish to their names, there would not have been enough room at the airport to host the Press.

I think it is time to stop talking and act because a lot of young people are discouraged.

That was probably my son's last trip for a while because financially it is a strain. My son returned with four first-place trophies and did not lose a game.

Enough is enough, I can no longer bring good name for Barbados on my own.

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Posted by The Chess Drum:  20 March 2007