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GM Ahmed Adly learned a valuable lesson at the recent African Chess Championships. After losing his first two rounds, he realized that he had to change his approach to chess. He then won six games in a row and qualified for the World Cup. Going into the World Junior Championship, he had a modest sub-25o0 rating and sat at #21 on the wall charts. His compatriot GM Bassem Amin was #7 at 2561.

Yet Adly continued his winning ways by scoring 10-3 to emerge -point in front of Russian
GM Ivan Popov. Chinese Grandmaster Wang Hao got the bronze with 9-4. This result must have been a pleasant surprise for Adly and the rest of the Egyptian chess community, but the country has done very well in 2007. Both Adly and Amin have scored well in Middle East tournaments; four Egyptian players qualified for the World Cup; Adly wins World Junior.

GM Ahmed Adly (2005 African Champion). Copyright  2005, Zambian Chess Federation.

Adly becomes the first player from the African continent to win a major world title. This feat is the best performance by an African player since GM-elect Amon Simutowe had a top five finish in the 2000 World Junior Championship. There appears to be quite a bit to celebrate on the continent and representatives will attempt to impress at the World Cup. Adly will be amongst those trying  to play at a good standard on the world stage. Congratulations Ahmed Adly!

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 18 October 2007