WCC 2006: Topalov stifled, Danailov on War Path

Just when things were settling down and the match resumed, Silvio Danailov (right) created yet another controversy by saying that Vladimir Kramnik's moves match that of Fritz 9, powerful chess software produced by ChessBase. Other than providing free publicity for the German-based software company, Danailov created more unrest in the Veselin Topalov camp. Many have opined that Topalov needs to fire Danailov and offer a buyout of his contract.

Danailov claimed to have done a painstaking analysis of Kramnik's moves and asserts that a high percentage of  them matched the computer program. What does this mean? Nothing really, but it is perhaps the most direct way to accuse Kramnik of cheating. It is no surprise that Kramnik, one of four players in the world ever to reach 2800, should have consistency with the strong database software. This latest rant may cause Topalov to widen the distance and disassociate himself with his mercurial manager.

Silvio Danailov

Silvio Danailov shown visiting Elista during better days in August. Photo  by FIDE.com.

Kramnik's manager Carsten Hensel fired off a pre-emptive response in order to head off attempts to "bug" Kramnik's resting area and bathroom. This latest imbroglio is becoming something out of a bad soap opera with Silvio Danailov playing the lead role. The only problem is that no one is interested in the drama… not even Topalov.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 4 October 2006