Nakamura wins National Congress!

Hikaru Nakamura got back into the grove after taking a break from his studies at Dickinson College. There has been a lot of discussion about Nakamura's choice to enter college full-time as opposed to pursuing a professional chess schedule. However, the young star show that he has not lost the zeal for chess after winning the National Congress Open in Philadelphia (November 27-29th).

Nakamura scored key wins over GMs
Alexander Ivanov and Leonid Yudasin for a 5-0 start. He was only stopped after GM Zviad Izoria held him in an exciting finale. GM Alexander Shabalov, GM Jaan Ehlvest were joined in a three-way tie for 2nd (on 5-1) by IM Justin Sarkar, who had  beat Yudasin in the last round.

Jennifer Shahade, "Hikaru tops Congress,"


Hikaru Nakamura

Posted by The Chess Drum: 28 November 2006