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Jamaica's Ian Wilkinson (right) was the subject of an interesting interview by the Trinidadian Guardian and revealed his plan for helping the Caribbean region emerge as a hotbed of chess enthusiasm.  There was mention of rejuvenating the Caribbean Open and the proposition of collaborative efforts between the English-speaking largest federations… Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

The rest of the interview focused on the Jamaican chess climate and its participation in international competitions. Wilkinson laid out comprehensive plan which includes  attracting more female players, instituting a chess league, infusing chess into the school curriculum island-wide and holding international tournaments. Jamaica has been buzzing lately about what the island can do to ignite an indelible chess spirit in the region. The debate must continue!

Ian Wilkinson

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Read Carl Jacobs',
"Jamaican official tells of move to revive Caribbean chess,"
Trinidadian Guardian - 18 January 2006.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 25 January 2006