2006 Digicel RBTT Heroes Cup (Barbados)
Barbados Barbados Barbados

The Digicel RBTT Heroes Cup is an annual tournament which attracts players from around the western hemisphere and this year Allan Herbert had invited a wide range of players from the U.S., Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad, Martinique, Dutch Antilles, Suriname, Venezuela, the Virgin Islands and England.

Herbert was able secure International Master
Augusto Moran Nuque from Ecuador (on right), Giles Suez-Panama of Martinique, Dewperkash Gajadin and Roger Matoewi both of Suriname and Cesar Ramos of Venezuela. All other players were local including defending Heroes Cup champion Terry Farley and National Champion Delisle Warner.

IM Augusto Moran Nuque at 2006 Digicel RBTT Heroes Cup

IM Augusto Moran Nuque

Moran won the tournament with an undefeated 7-1 while Farley's rally to defend his crown fell short. He ended on 6-2  losing only to the winner and was prevented from mounting a serious challenge when he was held by Justin Blackman in round seven. This tournament builds the spirit of regional cooperation and provides opportunities for players to vie for norms. It is hoped that this tournament will continue to draw players from diverse places in order provide opportunities to build bridges across the chess horizon.


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Posted by The Chess Drum: 2 May 2006