New Orleans,

The chairman,

Nigerian chess trainers committee,

National stadium,


19th march 2005.


                                 CHESS TRAINERS NEEDED IN NIGERIA

         Due to the poor performance of Nigerian chess players and low cognizance of chess amongst Nigerian youths,Nigerian chess federation(NCF) setup a committee named Nigerian chess trainers committee(NCTC).NCTC was setup to train local chess trainers to promote chess in Nigerian schools and also to develop Nigerian chess players.The chairman of NCTC is Fola Akintola (member of fide trainers committee )the secretary of NCTC is Mr Thomas(vice president of nigerian chess federation), other members are Ojumu Dotun,Mrs Oyinkan Peters,IM Odion,IM Christopher,FM San pete and FM Seun.

         NCF built the first chess school in Nigeria named “Mikhail Tal” and it was completed on the 13th of March 2005.Students have started enrolling but the school needs more chess trainers.The school has enrolled players of beginning category –master category players.The duty of the trainers will be :-

1)Train students of Mikhail Tal chess school(4hours daily)

2)Teach and impart skills on Nigerian chess trainers(2hours daily)

         The welfare of the chess trainers would be catered for by NCF and their flight tickects to Nigeria would be arranged by the Nigerian Embassy.The trainers would be lodged in Sheraton hotels Lagos for their 2weeks stay and would each be paid $8000 for their 2weeks stay.After this 2weeks any trainer that decides he wants to stay would still be catered for by NCF,he or she would be moved to his or her own apartment,would be paid $12000 monthly and would be given citizenship.

          Since 19th march 2005 emails have been sent to chess trainers in different parts of the world so if you are interested,you are to apply by replying this email by  tuesday 5th april 2005 You are to send your name,address,bio data,fide rating and your qualifications as a chess trainer to NCTC would screen every applicant based on their credentials.Few of the chess trainers would be short listed and accepted.You would be contacted through email if you are accepted and the form of contract would be sent to you to sign,you keep a copy and fax another copy to our fax number 1-208-692-5799.Afterwhich you are to pay $980(before thursday 7th April 2005) for :-

1)Work permit(a license in Nigeria that gives you constitutional right to work in the country)---------$910

2)Your ID in Nigeria---------$60

3)Cost of sending your  work permit to you---------$10

After payment and signing of agreement your ticket to Nigeria would be organized by our Nigerian Embassy(you wouldn't pay for the ticket) and you would be contacted before 15th april 2005 because all trainers are expected to be here on the 17th april 2005.

        NCF is eager to start chess lessons at the school,the institution was scheduled to start on the 29th march 2005 but the sponsors(Coca cola Nigeria,MTN and Malta guiness company,UNICEF and the Nigerian embassy) did not approve funds on time.We are behind schedule and that is the reason for the rush.To contact the Nigerian chess federation NCF for the authenticity of this contract,visit NCF's  website ,go to the contact page to contact the president of the nigerian chess federation NCF if you have any question regarding this application/contract.Thank you.


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