Salome Thomas-EL making moves!

There has been buzzing about another chess movie in the works. The chess community may remember that the book, "I Choose to Stay" was unveiled with great fanfare and became a best-seller. Disney took an interest in the story and is currently in negotiations to develop a script for a movie. However, progress has been gradual and Salome Thomas-EL has been on a whirlwind tour to discuss the book and the story therein. The reaction has been one of enthusiasm and support.

Thomas-EL visited McMinniville, Oregon where he discussed his story of triumph and how chess played a role in positively shaping the lives of inner-city youth. Despite what websites are reporting,
Will Smith has not agreed to play the lead role. Initial negotiations are underway while the script is being developed. An interesting discussion has blossomed on Mig Greengard's Daily Dirt, a popular web blog. Posting a lengthy reply, Thomas-EL clarified the confusion:

Salome Thomas-EL. Copyright  2005, John Henderson.

Salome Thomas-EL
(photo by John Henderson)

"I stated in Oregon that I was meeting with Will Smith to discuss his interest in my movie. I never said Will would play me because we don't have the script yet. I have sent emails to several web sites asking for a correction. It is unfair to Will to communicate that message."

Certainly, chess enthusiasts will be waiting in anticipation for a movie rendition of "I Choose to Stay." Integrating chess in the educational curricula has become a hot agenda item for many schools across the nation. Figures such as Thomas-EL and GM Maurice Ashley are loud voices trumpeting this tune. Ashley has recently released a book titled, "Chess for Success" which affirms the story told by Thomas-EL.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 13 September 2005