Knights of the South Bronx on A&E!

With all the success enjoyed at the scholastic level of U.S. chess, movies have become a popular way of demonstrating the impact it can have on the lives of youth. Movies such as "Mighty Pawns" (1987), "Searching for Bobby Fischer" (1993) and "Fresh," (1994) are such movies exploring how the lessons learned in chess can help to solve problems in life.  Both, "I Choose to Stay" by Salome Thomas-EL and "Chess for Success" by GM Maurice Ashley also explore these social phenomenon. Thomas-EL is having a movie produced on his best-selling book.

A&E network will premiere "Knights of the South Bronx" on December 6th. This movie is based on a true story featuring an English teacher (played by
Ted Danson) who helps to inspire inner-city kids to appreciate the parallels between chess and life. Danson has turned the page since igniting a firestorm of racial controversy by appearing in blackface at a 1993 Friar's Club event with then-girlfriend, Whoopi Goldberg. Although chess in the inner-city is nothing new, this movie hopes to garner success amongst diverse elements as chess continues to become a fixture in educational institutions. 

Posted by The Chess Drum: 3 December 2005