"RJ" Nelson  making his mark in Trinidad
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Since the "Friendship Match" with Jayel Taylor, Ronnie "RJ" Nelson, Jr. has kept busy with chess and recently participated in the First Citizen Bank School Chess Championships. This event is hosted by the Trinidad Chess Federation and various schools throughout the country fielded teams of four players.  Ronnie's aunt, Ms. Lesley-ann Nelson gave a recap:

Ronnie was the youngest player at the tournament, but gained great victories over his opponents. He beat opponents from the following schools: Montrose Vedic Primary, Holy Name Prep, Tunapuna Boys' R.C, University School and stalemate with Nelson Street Boys'. Ronnie score was 4˝ out of 7 rounds.

The school in 1st was Holy Name Prep, 2nd was Arima Boys' R.C. (Ronnie's school) and 3rd Christian Academy.  Other participating school were: Rosary Boys' R.C., Nelson Street Boys', Donross Prep, Blackmans' Prep, University School, Montrose Vedic, Tunapuna Boys' R.C. Christian Academy.

Ronnie “RJ” Nelson, Jr. (Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies)

Ronnie "RJ" Nelson, Jr.

Lesley-ann Nelson had double duty because she was the chaperon of the Tunapuna Boys' team which entered the tournament for the first time. These players are: Dharon Sutherland, Akeenie Murray, Keno Samuel, Kevin Mahabir and reserves were Raysell Henry and Chikara Woods. She hopes to travel with this team to Miami and will no doubt take RJ. She is seeking sponsorship.

Contact Lesley-ann Nelson at lescarmn32@yahoo.com or lescarm@tstt.co.tt.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 16 October 2005