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Dear Chess Friends:

Thank you for the support we continue to receive on the Thematic Tourneys.

The first (March 2005) was the Nimzo-Indian and the Chess Assistant program routed all 9/9 for first place.
IM Watu Kobese came second while FM Mark Rubery was third.

April was the Ruy Lopez month and we saw
Spencer Masango (Zimbabwe) & Musatwe Simutowe (Zambia) draw the Machine. Kobese was crushed by the Machine; he however capitalized by blasting the Zim & Zam boys to win the event over Chess Assistant on tiebreaks. Third was Simutowe and Masango crushed Rubery to share 4th with Daniel Cawdery and Dlalisa (Soweto) .

On May 14th, the ONE SATURDAY EVENT will be on Sicilian Defense (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 ....Black to play). Please see the entry bulletin attached. Visit and Thank you for your patronage.

~ Jackie Ngubeni, The Chessco Academy

Posted by The Chess Drum: 1 May 2005