One player commanding a great deal of respect on the U.S. circuit is FM Emory Tate. Particularly in the African Diaspora, Tate carries the mystique of a battle-tested gladiator possessing a sword with many Grandmaster scalps. Kayin Barclay got a chance to play this legend at the Illinois Open Championship on Labor Day weekend (September 3rd-5th). Of course, the 14-year old Illinois High School Champion knows of Tate's reputation and sat down to do battle.

The game was interesting in that Tate did not charge at his Barclay like a Tasmanian Devil which may have been a sign of respect for the phenom. Tate kept just enough pressure to cause his young opponent to spend a lot of time fending off threats. At a crucial point, Barclay fell into time pressure, missed his best chances and wound up getting mated in the middle of the board in a time scramble. Barclay stated, "It felt like a slow death and ended very quickly."  Actually Barclay played energetically and a very exciting battle resulted.

See Kayin Barclay vs. Emory Tate!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 16 September 2005