FM Emory Tate solid at World Open with 6-3
FM Emory Tate (left) on the mark. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

FM Emory Tate (left) on the mark.
(Photo by Daaim Shabazz)

Black masters were noticeably absent in the Open section with FM Emory Tate, FM Norman Rogers, NM Ernest Colding and Glenn Bady serving as the only entrants. Tate repeated his 6-3 score from last year and played some inspiring games. His game against GM Leonid Yudasin sent a buzz around the hall. It was said that this was a game where pieces appeared as if they were dropped on the table out of a bag. Both players are fierce fighters and the game smoldered to a draw.

Tate played a couple of his customary attacking games. His last two opponents were mated by kingside attacks although against
Jonathan Frankle, he seemed to have little compensation for his exchange sacrifice. Tate's game with Yudasin is not available at this time, but of course there is a classic 1997 game between these two that will stand the test of time. Their encounter at the World Open was played with 45 minutes per player and drew a crowd.

For years, Tate has been an icon, not only as a Black chess legend, but as one who is respected by the general chess community. Tate seems to possess more energy these days and hopes to get a few invitations to earn his 3rd IM norm. It would surprise one that Tate has not earned such a title given the long list of GM scalps he carries. Nevertheless, he still stands as a great inspiration. Tate's day is coming!

FM Emory Tate - NM Adam Maltese, 2005 World Open

Posted by The Chess Drum: 7 July 2005