Update on Pontus Carlsson

Pontus Carlsson of Sweden has taken residence in Spain and like a particular player from India, he finds the country quite appealing chesswise. At the Open Internacional Bajada de la Virgen a couple of weeks ago, he earned yet another IM norm… his 4th overall and 3rd in Spain. Poland's Kamil Miton won the tournament with a score of 7-2. Followed by a contingent of players with 6˝-˝.

This tournament featured and number of strong players such as GMs
Branko Damljanovic, Daniel Fridman, Boris Avrukh and Evgenij Agrest (among others). Antoaneta Stefanova, the Women's World Champion was also in the field and she finished near the top with 6-3. Carlsson finished with 5-4 beating GM Miodrag Todorcevic and drawing with GMs Artur Kogan (Israel), Jan Votava (Czech Republic) and Erik Van den Doel (Netherlands).

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IM-elect Pontus Carlsson

Final Standings Open Internacional Bajada de la Virgen

Note: Carlsson will next play in the Swedish Championship (July 2--17) and you can follow his progress at the "SM Gruppen" link at

Sweden Championship https://www.schacksm.msp.se/resultat/

Posted by The Chess Drum: 30 June 2005