Brianna Conley is Ohio Co-Champion!
Brianna Conley

The Look of Promise

Brianna Conley poses with her trophy for becoming
the 7th Grade Co-Champion
(Photo by F. Leon Wilson)

Brianna Conley is pictured here wearing a trademark chess shirt and holding the newest addition to her growing trophy collection. Brianna recently become 7th co-champion in the Ohio State Championship by scoring 4 points of five. Her coach F. Leon Wilson marveled at her play implied that he may be grooming her to make National Master.

In the tournament, she drew her last round game to her the honor She also becomes the first  African American female to win a state title in Ohio  and continues her march towards a national scholastic chess title. She is currently preparing for a number of tournaments including the
National Scholastic Championships in Houston, Texas.

Brianna made a splash this year by coming in 2nd in the Ohio State Girls Championship and by scoring 3-2 in the Polgar Invitational tournament. She also played in the U.S. Open and logged 19 games of chess in an eight-day stretch.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 19 November 2005