For the past year and a half, Maurice Ashley has been chasing deadline after deadline. In this timeframe, he has been working to promote chess in a variety of ways. Having seen success as a coach, player and commentator, he pursued the "quintuple crown" by adding chess organizer and chess author to his list of accomplishments.

After successfully hosting the world's richest open tournament, Ashley came full circle and produced a book  titled "Chess for Success." This book is a chock full of stories of what makes chess so successful as an educational and social outlet for the youth. He shares his own testimony of how chess saved him from a life of boredom and mischief and vaulted him into a life of purpose and fascination.

Ashley is able to share with the reader his vast insight and what  methods have been successful in winning the hearts of young players. It presents convincing evidence of why chess is blazing a trail through educational curricula.

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Maurice Ashley - Chess for Success: Using an Old Game to Build New Strengths in Children and Teens

Posted by The Chess Drum: 25 August 2005