Adu on Millennium Chess Festival
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IM Oladapo Adu against IM Carlomagno Oblitas on the stage.

IM Oladapo Adu against IM Carlomagno Oblitas on the stage.

From: Oladapo Adu
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 4:19 AM
Subject: 6th Millenium Chess Festival, virginia beach, VA

Hello Daaim,

It has been a while we spoke or communicated last. How are things going with you? Hope everything is going on well. I am presently at Virginia Beach, VA and I just wanted to send the report of my event to you. The event took place between 25th-27th February 2005, there were about 7 GM's and about 5 IM's. I scored 3.5/5 points and tied for the u-2400 prize. The following are the players I played at the event:

round 1.
Shawn McIntosch( 1971)  drew
round 2.
William Woodard (1581) won
round 3.
IM Justin Sarkar (2368) won
round 4.
IM Carlomagno Oblitas (2493 - Peru) lost
round 5.
IM Larry Kaufman (2331) won

My best game of this event was against the Peruvian
IM Carlomagno Oblitas 2493. Ironically, I lost this game, but I like the way I controlled the game throughout, I think I totally outplayed my opponent until 2 incidents happened during the game, I was able to get over the first one, but the second one cost me the game.

I also want to state that I like the way I won a pawn tactically in the transition from the opening to middle game. On move 12, my opponent just played Be6; during the game I saw the possibility of the move, but I discovered it drops a pawn in the following variation.

I played
13.Nfe5, if Be5, 14.Ne5 Qe5 15.Bf4 Qf6 (only move), then I have 16.Bd6, followed by e5, and f4 and I think am just winning, but my opponent chose a different approach.  The 2 incidents that happened during the game.

1. On move 21,I planned to play Bf4, followed by Ne4, but all of a sudden I saw my self picking up the knight and dropping it on e4, well my position was so good that after this lapse, I was still winning (I spoke to
Sunil Weeramantry after the game and asked him why does things like that happen).

2. The second incident cost me the game, after outplaying my opponent totally, on move 46. I had just played Bg6+ both captures lose so does any other move. My opponent played Kg6 and I followed with Qg4+, he played Kf7, Here my plan was Qg7+, followed by f7+, and Qf6 mate, but instead while trying to catch up with my recording, I played Qh5+ (it should also be noted that my opponent had about 1-min to my 5-min at this point, similar thing happened to me at the World Open against IM Angelo Young, when in a completely won position, I got carried away by his shortness of time and dropped a piece).

The other capture with the knight fails to Rd7+, if Kg8 ,then Qb8+, Nf8, then Rg7+, followed by Qf8 mate.

I will be sending all the games on my AOL account, hope to hear from you soon.

oladapo adu

Adu played 46.Bxg6+! but after 46Kxg6 47.Qg4+ Kf7 he erred with 48.Qh5+?? and resigned immediately due to the simple 48Ng6. White mates with 48.Qg7+ Ke8 49.f7+ Ke7 50.Qf6#.

Adu played 46.Bxg6+! intending mate, but after 46Kxg6 47.Qg4+ Kf7 he played 48.Qh5+ and resigned! Lars Stark of Germany points out that Adu is still winning due to 48Ng6 (48Kg8 49.f7+!) 49.Qd5+! White also mates with 48.Qg7+ Ke8 49.f7+ Ke7 50.Qf6#.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 14 March 2005