Chicago's Tony Gentry earns top honor!

Morgan Park Career Academy's Tony Gentry (pictured right) has been making strides since taking up chess a little over a year ago. For his effort and dedication to chess, he was honored by as a the first High School  "Kid of the Month."

The honor is usually reserved for those in the elementary level, but according to
Lamarr Wilson, "Tony is a unique person and definitely deserving of this award. I've known Tony for over a year, and he's always been dedicated to improving his chess game."

The aspiring Biochemical Engineer also shares his love of chess by coaching students at his old Elementary School, Clissold. He states, "It gives me the feeling of responsibility, like I hold destiny in my hand."

Tony Gentry, Morgan Park Career Academy

Tony Gentry

Tony is one of the most consistent members on his team at Morgan Park and scored 6-3 in the 2003 Rockford National Youth Action Championships. He has a reputation for his work ethic and selfless team spirit. His former coach had these words about Tony:

"Tony's leadership and willingness to teach others helped our team to be more successful than it would have been without him. I have no doubt that Tony will continue to excel at chess and whatever else he puts his mind to."

Congratulations Tony!

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 29 February 2004