Trinidad's Ryan Harper barely misses IM norm
Trinidad Trinidad Trinidad

FM Ryan Harper traveled to Canada for the Guelph Pro-Am International tournament and missed an IM norm due to opposition's rating requirements. Harper scored 5-3 for 4th-8th place and outscored five GMs including Walter Arencibia of Cuba and Dmitri Tyomkin of Israel, who finished on 5-4.

The tournament was won by
GM Alexander Moiseenko of the Ukraine who bested the field by 1 points. GM John Fedorowicz of the USA and IM Tomas Hutters of Denmark were joint 2nd at 6-3. Harper, who toppled GMs Harmen Jonkman and Mark Tseitlin, described his situation,

"I missed IM norm by 11 rating points. My average came up to 2360, needed 2371. My 8th round pairing spoiled it. My hiccup from a totally winning ending in round 7 (which was drawn) made me get that bad pairing...I was so close."

Guelph Pro-Am (standings)

FM Ryan Harper

FM Ryan Harper

Posted by The Chess Drum: 4 August 2004