Chicago's Kayin Barclay annotates!

Every now and then a special talent comes along in chess. Many scholastic players have graced chess halls around the world, but it is rare to see a young player with the enthusiasm of 13-year old Kayin Barclay of Chicago.  Of course, most young players have a lot of energy, but Kayin has begun a process not often seen at this age… self-criticism. How many scholastic players will submit an annotated game of a loss??

Back in June, Kayin participated in the
North American and Caribbean Youth Chess Championship in Boca Raton, Florida and scored 3-3 losing to eventual winner Peter Yeh. He also loss to Justin McDonald (the Canadian under-14 champion) and annotated the exciting game.  He was particularly proud to have met another accomplished player…  All-Girls Open champion, Stephanie Ballom. "I had the honor of meeting Stephanie and going over our game,"  he stated. Keep an eye out for this young guy!

Kayin Barclay

Kayin Barclay

Annotated Games

Justin McDonald - Kayin Barclay, 1-0 (by K. Barclay)
Kayin Barclay - Stephanie Ballom, 1-0 (by D. Shabazz)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 4 August 2004