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Following is the e-mail text from John Tobisch who traveled to England on July 3rd for Garry Kasparov's book signing of "My Great Predecessors--Volume 2." Tobisch recently moved from Jamaica to Germany.


In true Capricorn fashion I have gone from one mountain top to the other. I met
Anand in January and fulfilled one dream. Now my other dream has been fulfilled. I have followed the games of Kasparov since 1985 when I was 15 years of age. And now I got to meet him at 34 years. Maybe at 60 years I will play him. At the age of 120 I will beat him!

The shop Chess and Bridge was cramped and we the followers of chess truth waited patiently for 10:30. We entered the shop at that time only to hear that Kasparov was unceremoniously dumped at Edgeware Road. My dream was delayed but not to be denied. We filed patiently in a line and our books were out. We had to fill in forms stating what we wanted Kasparov to write.  I put down "To John Tobisch and the people of Jamaica."

John Tobisch

John Tobisch

In the meantime, I chatted with other people about the lack of sufficient chess activity in London. There is no equivalent of the Marshall Club in London. I also gave advice to young players about chess. Then I went on to the moment I had been waiting for.

Kasparov got a brief glimpse of me and smiled.
Malcolm Pein the MC asked me if he met me. I said no then he mentioned Kevin Denny out of the blue. I mentioned that I studied chess with Denny in Barbados and I went on to say that Denny needs to live in Europe to become strong. Then the moment came I went up to the man and I said, "At last"!

"I can't wait to see what you will write on Fischer. "At this point Kasparov said it would come out in Christmas. I went to say I will do an astrological survey of his predecessors. At this point Kasparov said, "Interesting." I got a response which no Jamaican would give me. And we shook hands. I went out to play chess inspired by that moment in my life.

Take care.  Gentlemen.

"He who dares wins."

John Tobisch
4 July 2004

To John Tobisch and the people of Jamaica!

Posted by The Chess Drum:  7 July 2004